Laser Skin Repair (LPR)

This procedure will treat sun damaged skin, including age spots, brown pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines.

Before & After

Laser Skin Repair, also known as laser photorejuvenation (LPR), improves rosasea and can eliminate broken blood vessels, as well as red and blue facial veins. When used to treat fine lines and wrinkles, the LPR encourages collagen reformation under the surface of the skin to reduce fine lines and create a smoother texture. This laser procedure does not remove the outer layers of skin, so there is virtually no recovery time — a patient can return to normal activities immediately. Laser Skin Repair is safe for the face, chest, neck, and hands — anywhere sun damage shows.

Laser Skin Repair is relatively quick and can be performed with simple local or topical anesthesia in the office. Immediately after treatment, the skin will feel tight and turn slightly red. Blemishes that are treated in conjunction with the LPR will turn brown or gray then fall off in three to five days, much like a scab would. Wrinkle reduction may not be noticeable until the treatment sessions are complete. It is recommended that the initial treatment consist of three sessions, each one month apart. One of the medical professionals at M.D. Laser Studio will consult with the patient and make a recommendation that is specific to their skin type and desired results.