Hair Removal & Restoration


Laser Hair Removal

Almost everyone has unwanted hair somewhere on his or her body. Excess hair can be a result of certain hormones, use of medication, or genetic predisposition. Of course, even a small amount of hair can be undesirable, especially when it is dark or thick.  Text about hair restoration

Shaving, waxing, and electrolysis fail to produce permanent hair removal. But permanent hair reduction CAN be achieved through laser treatments at M.D. Laser Studio. Generally, five treatment sessions should be expected -- each one month apart -- to obtain the desired degree of hair thinning or elimination. The sensation produced by the laser has been likened to that of a rubber band snap against the skin. Although there is usually no skin reaction, some patients may experience mild redness and swelling, which typically resolves within a couple of hours. After each treatment session, hair regrowth is typically slower, producing hair that is finer in texture, and more sparse.

Hair Restoration

There are many causes for hair loss: genetics, stress, changes in diet, and hormone imbalances can all contribute. You may have side effects from medications or worn areas from wearing a hat or tight ponytail. At M.D. Laser Studio, we will help determine the causes for your hair loss. We’ll perform a full evaluation, including hair density measurements, blood work, and more. Then we will create an action plan specifically for you! There are many possible solutions: from specific supplements and prescription products to special LED therapy, and even hair transplant. The ultimate goal is to maintain the hair you have and hopefully grow new.

Hair loss is a medically and surgically treatable condition! Hair Restoration procedures are performed at M.D. Laser Studio under Medical Directors Alissandro “Andy” Castillo, M.D., M.B.A., and Rebecca J. Appleton, M.D., M.S. ~ Members of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.